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0152 Instant Immersion Heater Coffee/Tea/Soup

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0152 Instant Immersion Heater Coffee/Tea/Soup

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Name : 0152 Instant Immersion Heater Coffee/Tea/Soup
Quantity : 1
Per piece Rate : 59 INR

Instant Immersion Heater Coffee/Tea/Soup Electric Water Portable Reheater

This is easy to use. One Of A Kind Immersion Water Heater, Totally Shock Proof Don'T Worry Just Drop It Into The Water Bucket and your hot water is ready. 

This is an ideal option for heating up water during winters. Please check compatibility of power socket before use - earthing recommended Keep safe distance from children, Switch off the current before taking heater out of water, Please observe the minimum and maximum levels given on heater plate, Don't Touch the water while current is on. Safe Heat, Elegant Handle Design Shock Proof

How To Use: 

Dip the Immersion Water Heater Rod in a Tub or Bucket and Switch ON the Rod. Ensure that the Water Level is Kept Between the 'Minimum' and 'Maximum' Level

Material: Stainless Steel 

Color: Silver & Black 

Best For Offices,Hostel,Travel Easy To Use Start Work in just Seconds

  • Use this lightweight and portable immersion heater for warming liquids (water, coffee, tea, soup and more).
  • Ideal for home, office and travel.
  • Consumer can use this product conveniently without the fear of getting shock which can be the case with ordinary immersion rod
  • Features: Consumes Less Energy, Anti-Corrosive Material
  • Heating Element Type: Tubular Element
  • Specially designed heating element for quick heating
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